Homeschooling Program

Exciting News!
Homeschool Extension: A Taste of Montessori 


We are excited to launch our homeschool extension program! Maria Montessori observed and advised on the importance of following the child and providing each individual with the environment and foundation necessary for success. In today’s world, this can take many forms. We believe that the authentic Montessori approach offered by ArborCreek Montessori Academy must be accessible to more families, including those who choose to homeschool. Adolescents are at a prime age for social learning, joining together for group projects, creating democratic classroom environments, and gaining regular practice in collaborative learning and problem-solving. We see a natural complement between Montessori and a homeschool curriculum that focuses on life skills, holistic learning, and child-centered education. We want to partner with you and offer an experience that will be rewarding for your student’s educational and personal developmental journey. 


Get to know ArborCreek’s Montessori Programs


Middle School (Grades 7-8):

Our Middle School brings together a challenging curriculum covering all core subjects in addition to building life skills and social and emotional learning. In our homeschool extension program, Mrs. Katrina leads group lessons in Natural World (physical sciences, research projects, experimentation and exploration) and Social World (history, civics, cultural studies, and social sciences). These lessons bring to life a practical implementation of these subjects to better understand our world and our role in society. Lessons cover and are aligned with TEKS and Next Generation Science Standards. 


Upper Elementary (Grades 4-6):

In a mixed-age active learning classroom, students engage in group lessons in all areas of academics and in psychological and emotional development. Students are invited to explore all facets of education through classroom lessons as well as taking advantage of our curated library collection, our outdoor learning space, fine arts classes, and more. Whether joining for only a few hours or for the full-day options, your student is sure to enjoy learning with peers and exploring the hands-on materials offered in our beautiful upper elementary environment!


Half-day enrollment includes:

  • Small class sizes with a trained Montessori teacher (max 8:1 ratio)
  • Collaborative lessons in core subject areas
  • Group lunches and outdoor free play
  • Optional field trip inclusion (additional fees may apply)
  • Most supplies included in tuition fee


Full-day enrollment include:

  • Small class sizes with a trained Montessori teacher 
  • Collaborative lessons in core subject areas
  • Group lunches and outdoor free play
  • Optional assessment materials for parents to administer at home
  • Extension lessons that can be given at home
  • Field trips (no additional fee if field trip is on a regular attendance day)
  • Most supplies included in tuition fee
  • Preference on waitlist, if applicable, for full time enrollment 


2-Hour Sessions Twice Weekly:

  • Small class sizes with a trained Montessori teacher (max 8:1 ratio)
  • Collaborative group lessons and projects in core subject areas (contact us for schedule details)
  • Outdoor activities
  • Lunch hour may be added


Schedule: Monday – Wednesday*

Half day: 8:15 drop off – 1:00 pickup OR 11:30 dropoff – 3:30 pickup 

Full day: 8:15 drop off  – 3:30 pick up

We suggest 6-week enrollment sessions (Jan 20 – Feb 28; Mar 2 – Apr 17; Apr 20 – May 22**)

**This session is 5 weeks; fees will be prorated. 


Enrollment Options:

1-3 Half-days: Mon – Wed

1-3 full days: Mon – Wed

*Th and Friday options may be available depending on class size and student level; please inquire with us: or 972-413-8391. 



Enrollment Fee (Annual): $100

2-Hour Blocks: $100/month

Half-day: $50/day (1-3 days per week)

Full-day: $85/day (1-3 days per week)