At ArborCreek Montessori Academy students begin the adolescent stage of cognitive development.

Service Learning is an important aspect of the adolescent’s journey to answer foundational questions such as “Who am I?” and “What is my place in the world?” 

Service Learning at ArborCreek Montessori Academy means that students engage in weekly visits with local residents at Brookdale Assisted Living, where they work with Montessori materials together with the senior citizens.

Students form meaningful relationships and strengthen the local community by connecting with individuals across generations. And studies have shown that engaging with Montessori materials promotes cognitive wellbeing, happiness, and productivity within the elderly population. 

In addition to the visits, our students engage in Service Learning Reflection, where they are prompted to contemplate, discuss, and write about their experiences.

As one student stated,

“It’s been meaningful to me because we get to learn about residents’ lives and how they grew up. I like how we go there and give them company because sometimes they don’t receive visitors. I’ve learned a lot about having patience for others.”

And another student commented,

“I like that we’re helping them understand the Montessori materials. I have to step out of my comfort zone to start a conversation sometimes and the materials help them talk a lot.” 


Learn more about the Montessori Method’s recommendations on adolescent service learning here.