Mr. Cunningham – Guide

Learn about our Mr. Cunningham:
How did you learn about Montessori?
I first heard of Montessori through some neighbor’s children.  They seemed different and interesting and I asked where they went to school.  The answer was Montessori Academy of Dallas ( later renamed St Alcuin Montessori ).  When I began to have children of my own I enrolled them there as well.
Why are you a Montessori Teacher?
After about 8 years as a Montessori parent, I got to know other parents and the teachers, and St Alcuin sent me to train in 1986 to Toronto for my  3-6 AMI Primary Diploma, and in 1987 to Dublin, Ireland for my 6-12 AMI Elementary Diploma.  I taught at St Alcuin until 1997, and then at Barbara Gordon Montessori (now Waypoint Montessori)  in Colleyville until May of 2020.
Being a Montessori teacher was not really something I had planned on doing, it was just something that seemed to happen naturally as my life progressed. It changed my life.  I have 5 children that all went to Montessori schools.  My middle daughter, Mia, was a Montessori primary teacher at Arbor Creek.  My wife is a Toddler teacher at Waypoint.

When you are not teaching, how do you spend your time?

I am now a gray beard trying to stay useful.  I enjoy being around children and feel lucky to know the children I work with.   My hobbies are golf, playing softball, and playing guitar.

Kelsey O’Keefe, J.D. – Administrator

B.A. History;
J.D. Law

Jennifer Wester – Art Instructor

B.A. Computing and the Arts;
Current Master of Fine Arts Candidate